Messe Frankfurt Traffic Management

The Traffic Management department is responsible for ensuring smooth traffic flow within and around the exhibition grounds. Working together with numerous representatives and authorities of the City of Frankfurt, this department helps to avoid congestion and to provide easily accessible parking spaces for exhibitors and visitors.

Anfahrt zum Messegelände

Accessing the exhibition grounds during set-up and dismantling phases

Messe Frankfurt’s new Central Traffic Management system has offered customer vehicles optimised access to the exhibition grounds during the set-up and dismantling phases of events. For this purpose, we ask exhibitors, stand construction companies and freight forwarders to register online in advance.

Once you have a print-out of the registration confirmation, you can go to the specified check-in. Please follow the signs from the motorway exit F-Rebstock (address for your navigation device: Bruno-Poelke-Strasse).

During the set-up and dismantling phase (incl. early set-up and extended dismantling), vehicles may only access the exhibition grounds through the check-in. Here, the check-in staff will see whether a loading zone is available for you. If it is, you will be given an authorisation form specifying the gate through which you can access the exhibition grounds.

Please note: In case of high volume of traffic waiting times are possible at the check-in!
Please note that only vehicles with an authorisation form will be allowed on to the exhibition grounds.

More information is available in the Check-in guide and the FAQs.


Important information for your preparation

Parking spaces for exhibitors

Parking spaces

Messe Frankfurt will make an adequate number of parking spaces available to you. Please order your parking tickets in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Overview of all parking spaces and taxi stands

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Charging stations for electric vehicles

We provide charging stations for electric vehicles. All charging stations have type 2 connectors.

However, as there are only a limited number of charging stations, we would ask you to register in good time by sending an e-mail to

Please send us the following information in your mail so that we can handle your request without call back:

  • Day(s) of arrival
  • Name of the driver
  • Mobile phone number of the driver
  • License plate of the car

If all our charging stations are booked, you have the option to use charging stations around the exhibition grounds. You can find these easily via the following portals:

Park & Sleep: Travelling to the trade fair by caravan

Parking spaces without infrastructure (i.e. without electricity and water connections) are available in Messe Frankfurt’s visitor car parks for motorhomes.

Spaces for containers and parking spaces for supplies

Spaces for containers and parking spaces for supplies

For inquiries regarding spaces for containers and supplies on the exhibition ground during an event, please send an e-mail to:

Your contact to the Traffic Management team

Any further questions? If so, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Logistics information

Logistics information

Information on logistics prices and order forms or forwarding information and forwarding labels can be found clearly on our logistics page.