Exhibition grounds

Overview of halls at Messe Frankfurt

With around 400,000 square metres of event space in eleven different halls and over 59,500 square metres of outdoor exhibition space, it is the ideal venue for any event.

More on our congress and event locations Festhalle, Congress Center, Kap Europa and Forum can be found here.

The Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds - briefly explained!

Hall 1

Hall 1

Transparency and openness are the defining characteristics of the two-storey Hall 1, which has an event space measuring around 18,000 square metres. The upper level is free of columns and enjoys abundant natural light. The trade fair hall can be reached via the City Entrance (Eingang City), which is connected directly to the underground train station (U-Bahn). Hall 1 is also linked directly with the Festhalle, Forum and Hall 3.

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Festhalle: the historic multifunctional hall


The Festhalle is a multifunctional arena that offers a unique location to organisers of international congresses and exhibitions, concerts and trade fairs.

Opened by the last German Emperor, the impressively proportioned domed structure has exuded a timeless elegance for over 100 years. Rich in character with architecturally appealing historic seating, it facilitates a variety of event concepts and and can accomodate up to 15,000 people.

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Hall 3

Hall 3

Hall 3 has two event levels with an event space of around 38,000 square metres and can be accessed by all sides. The column-free construction of the upper level allows maximum flexibility in height and width. The exhibition space is supplemented by 14 conference rooms and 47 office rooms and a restaurant area is available on every level.

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Hall 4

Hall 4

Hall 4 receives its visitors in an impressive foyer that is flooded with natural light. The event space consists of over 43,000 square metres on three different levels. As well as this, Hall 4 has a divisible conference room for up to 430 people together with additional conference and office rooms and two parking levels (1,200 parking spaces). Restaurant spaces are found on every level.

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Hall 5

Hall 5

Opened on 3 February 2023, Messe Frankfurt's new hall 5 has some 18,000 square metres of hall space on two levels. Level 5.1 is directly connected to the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt.

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Hall 6

Hall 6

Hall 6 offers around 26,000 square metres of event space on three levels. It is connected directly with Hall 4 and Hall 5. As well as this, there are several food service areas. The revitalisation of the technical facilities inside Hall 6 was completed in 2019.

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Hall 8 and Galleria

Hall 8

Situated at ground level, Hall 8 offers some 30,000 square metres of space that can be divided up into five separate areas. The two-storey, light-flooded “Galleria” connects Hall 8 with Hall 9, offering an alternative entrance situation.

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Hall 9 and Galleria

Hall 9

Hall 9 has 56,200 square metres of event space on four levels and parking for up to 800 vehicles. All levels are easy to reach from the parking areas and the “Galleria” entrance structure. The hall includes several food service areas.

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Hall 10

Hall 10

The four-storey Hall 10 offers a total of about 52,000 square metres in event space together with a restaurant and an underground car park. It is connected with Hall 11 and the Galleria via the Via Mobile moving walkway.

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Hall 11 and Portalhaus

Hall 11

Hall 11 has some 24,000 square metres of event space on two levels. Together with the Portalhaus, it forms an overall architectural concept that shapes the impressive entrance of Messe Frankfurt in the west of the exhibition grounds. The hall has a rooftop terrace that runs around the building, appealing food service areas on the end faces and a first level with a column-free construction.

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Halle 12

Hall 12

Aesthetics combined with functionality – that's the ultra-modern Hall 12 with its 33,600 square metres of event space split between two levels. The lower level, which can be partitioned in various ways, offers plenty of scope for different event formats, with four catering areas, direct access to the Portalhaus and Torhaus entrances, and a multi-storey car park for 800 vehicles.

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