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Safe air quality during trade fairs

As part of a study conducted by RWTH Aachen University, Messe Frankfurt has proven that hygienic indoor air can be guaranteed in the exhibition halls of Messe Frankfurt even on busy trade fair days. The technical equipment and ventilation systems in the exhibition halls significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Visitors at the Indoor-Air trade fair

For the study, which was conducted under the direction of Prof. Dirk Müller during three trade fairs at the end of last year, the supply and exhaust air of the ventilation systems was measured. The CO2 value is the indicator for indoor air pollution here, as it can be compared with the aerosol value during exhalation. In the study, attention was paid to whether the CO2 value exceeded 1,000 ppm (parts per million). The upper limit for acceptable indoor air is 1,400 ppm.

The results are impressive: in the exhibition halls 3 and 12 at the Indoor-Air, Formnext and Food Ingredients (Fi) Europe & Ni events, a maximum value of 835 ppm was measured on the day with the highest number of visitors. Otherwise, only values below 835 ppm were recorded. Thus, a good mixture of indoor air could be recorded without any noticeable local enrichments. We are looking positively to the coming events, as with supplementary protective and hygienic measures, safe trade fair operations can be assumed even during a pandemic.

Link to the study