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Better, cheaper, more versatile: New rigging options in Hall 8 at Messe Frankfurt

In cooperation with its long-standing service partner Ueberkopf, Messe Frankfurt has installed a new rigging substructure in the 30,000 square metre Hall 8. The truss grid will enable exhibitors' rigging requirements to be realised more easily, quickly and cost-effectively in future. Another advantage is that the changeover times between individual events are significantly reduced. This ensures greater flexibility in Messe Frankfurt's busy event calendar.

Rigging in Hall 8 (Source: Messe Frankfurt)

The challenging project was planned for a long time, and was finally completed a few weeks ago. A total of 210 three-point trusses, each 18 metres long, were installed in the hall. What is special about this is that the three-point trusses were specially manufactured for this construction project.

The truss grid is 6.80 metres by 3.50 metres and each of the three-point trusses allows up to 4x500 kg or 7x300 kg heavy load points under the hall ceiling. In addition, further suspensions of up to 460 kg can be installed on the 420 support profiles on which the trusses rest. And to mention another impressive figure: The weight of around 14 adult male elephants now hangs below the hall ceiling. The 3,780 metre-long trusses alone weigh almost 88,140 kilograms.

The new design means that suspensions can be installed much more flexibly. A real game changer for all exhibitors, stand builders and organisers. We are already looking forward to the possibilities and the creative stand solutions! And for all those who would like to see more: Our partner Ueberkopf has documented the installation with a film. It provides exciting insights into the project!