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Nordstil – the anchor for good business

29 Jul 2019

Three hot summer days with trendy and refreshing lifestyle products for the North: With its 750 exhibitors and an exciting array of innovative products, all in one place, Nordstil put its 12,500 visitors in a great mood for order placements, covering the kitchen, the home and the garden as well as gifts, stationery, interior design, jewellery and fashion. This wide range was complemented by a variety of networking opportunities as well as presentations on creative work, online marketing and POS design.

Summer meets Christmas: XL Christmas tree baubles with integrated LED lights in Hall A4
Summer meets Christmas: XL Christmas tree baubles with integrated LED lights in Hall A4

Looking back, Nordstil – the Hamburg-based regional order platform – created a great mood in the exhibition halls, forged and established new contacts and served as a sharing platform for plenty of industry expertise. For the 750 exhibitors [1], mostly from Germany and Northern and Western Europe, and for the 12,000 trade visitors [2], Nordstil continues to be a reliable anchor for good business – even during times of technological transformation and changing consumer expectations. Around 150 international manufacturers used this regional trade fair to gain strategic access to Northern German, Dutch and Scandinavian retailers.

Thanks to inspiring presentations and workshops on the POS of the future, sales trends and online marketing, Nordstil was again an important bridge builder between analogue and digital customer experiences this year. “During times of changing consumption patterns and rising consumer demands, it is particularly important to understand customers, to appeal to each them individually and to give them authentic experiences. This is where Nordstil has become extremely well established as a learning, contact and networking platform,” says Binu Thomas, head of Nordstil.

“Travelling to Hamburg was really worthwhile again for retailers. As an order platform with a special summer atmosphere, Nordstil has its own unmistakable profile. What’s remarkable is that Nordstil attracts not only retailers from northern Germany, but also appeals visitors from North Rhine Westphalia in particular. They are convinced of its value, ordering innovative products and enjoying a good look at the stands. So there are numerous reasons why a trip to Hamburg has a firm place in a retailer’s diary,” says Thomas Grothkopp, CEO of HWB, the German association of interior design retailers for the home and the office.

Exhibitors' voices:

Exhibitors at this year’s Nordstil were more than happy with the number and quality of visitors. From the Rhine to the Baltic and from Denmark to East Germany, the trade fair was used intensively for the cultivation of contacts with German and Scandinavian customers, both new and old.

Hall A3 (Gifts & Stationery)

Miriam Lattorff, Head of Fashion Field Sales in Germany, Steiff

“With its wide-ranging appeal in northern Germany, Nordstil has enabled us to successfully position Steiff in the new segment of clothing this year. Whether it’s owners of children’s boutiques, toy shops or mixed retailers, Nordstil had such a wide product portfolio that it was exactly the right place to reach a large spectrum of target groups. We are extremely pleased with our results. Not only did we receive numerous orders in the traditional toy segment, but our symbiosis of soft toys and fashion gift items successfully inspired both new and existing customers right there, at the trade fair.”

Hall A4 (Style & Design)

Maria Heigel, customer consultant for product displays, Werkhaus

“As a brand that concentrates on German-made products, our focus is usually on trade fairs that cover more than one region. But this was the first time we exhibited at a regional trade fair. One major reason to choose Nordstil was the proximity of Hamburg to our plants. Our production follows the principle that all procurement should be limited to German or at least European sources, and this policy is very well received at a regional trade fair such as Nordstil. We are extremely pleased with our results, as 90% of our orders came from new customers. Also, our stand in the Village gave us a high level of visibility and customer footfall, thanks to the general presentation of this section and its cafés. So our début at a regional trade fair was a successful experiment for us, and we’re highly likely to come again in the winter.”

Hall B1.0 (Home & Garden)

Rafael Vosteen, CEO, Vosteen

“For us as a Nordic company with a regional catchment area, Nordstil is very important. It has a certain magnetism which our own showrooms cannot achieve. Most of what we make is one-shot products, so that we have a new collection each year. And our customers are aware of it. We were particularly pleased with the large number of new customers from regions that we haven’t so far covered in our distribution network.

Hall B7 (Jewellery & Fashion)

Sebastian Höbel, Northern Sales, Johnny Urban

“As first-time exhibitors, Nordstil has helped us to expand our distribution network, so that it now covers not only digital channels but also high street shops. This is important as some of our products such as our backpacks made from recycled PET bottles are really worth being experienced by all senses. Our first Nordstil was therefore very rewarding for us. We reached a large number of regular customers from Hamburg, Bremen, Flensburg, Schwerin and even Kiel. But we’re equally pleased about the excellent result in terms of new customers.”

Mustard yellow highlights in interior decorating
Mustard yellow highlights in interior decorating

Nordstil Trends 2019/2020

Green, a trendy colour that stands for happiness, is now finding its way into people’s homes and is reaching as far as the North. At the same time, mustard yellow highlights are beginning to feature more and more on German dining and coffee tables. During the long summer days – which are particularly long in the North – we can observe a continuing preference for wooden lounge furniture. Whether it’s European pine or Southeast Asian teak, natural products are booming. When times are rough and stormy, natural materials such as bamboo, light rattan and linen are great elements to instil peace and tranquillity, as are seaweed products in beauty and bodycare. They are counterbalanced by precious metals which create elegant breaks in style. Whether it’s through ingenious combinations within the same product or in the form of bronze or silver-coloured coffee tables alongside natural wooden armchairs, more and more designers are currently discovering combinations of wood and precious metal. A maritime ambience can also be created with coral, octopuses and starfish which successfully made the journey from the deep blue sea onto tapestries and decorative ceramics, conquering the hearts of accessory lovers. And sand and water are not just typical of the seaside, but can also be found in the home – in the form of concrete. Whether it’s a table, a stool or a vase, this mixture of sand, gravel and water is so flexible to shape that it’s increasingly the number one choice of material or processing technique.

The next Winter Nordstil will be held from 11 to 13 January 2020, and the next Summer Nordstil from 25 to 27 July 2020.

[1] In the summer of 2018 Nordstil had 796 exhibitors.

[2] In the summer of 2018 Nordstil was visited by 13,433 buyers.

Nordstil – regional ordering days in Hamburg

Nordstil is the regional ordering platform for the North. It features a wide product range covering four segments: Home & Garden, Style & Design, Gifts & Stationery and Jewellery & Fashion. Nordstil is the regional ordering platform for the spring and summer business and then again for the autumn, winter and Christmas seasons. It is aimed at northern distributors.

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