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As an organizer you will find here all important information about the event processing at Kap Europa.



A charge is made for any rearrangement of furniture or equipment or reconfiguration of the rooms or facilities subsequent to the initial arrangement or configuration. For the cost, please consult our pricelist for supplementary services.

Reconfiguration of the facilities

See rearrangement.


See waste disposal.


In the foyer area on Level 0, there is a registration counter you can use free of charge. Inside the counter and behind it, there is plenty of storage space for your materials. The registration hardware and software are not pre-installed. You must bring these yourself or book them through our service partner Gahrens + Battermann. Electricity, network connections and glass-fibre leads are present and can be used against payment. Directly adjacent to the counter is the cloakroom. The total length of the counter is 17 m. Please note that if yours is not the only event taking place in the building at the time, you may have to share this area with the organizers of the parallel event(s).
See also parallel events.

Registration of the event

The contracting party is obligated to report the event to the:
Service Center Veranstaltungen
Ordnungsamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Kleyerstraße 86
60326 Frankfurt am Main/ Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 69-212-44191; -44192
if this is required to fulfil the specifications of Title IV of the Industrial Code (Gewerbeordnung - GewO). A form for this purpose and further information are available on the city of Frankfurt website under “Service-Center Veranstaltungen”. 


Messe Frankfurt's Restaurant Guide offers numerous recommendations if you are looking for a suitable restaurant for various occasions. The website lets you select by type of cuisine and distance from the fairground. This publication is available for download from the app stores of Apple, Google and Amazon.


See toilets.

Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV)

Information regarding public transport in Frankfurt is available from the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund: Hotline  +49 (0) 69 24 24 80 24, daily from 6 a.m. to midnight or
For further information regarding the nearest stops or stations, see arrival.


See suspensions.

Room equipment  

You will find an overview of all the equipment and furniture included in the rental of Kap Europa on the second page of your calculation . To give you a clearer idea about our interior, we are happy to provide you a catalogue with photos.

Safty Data Sheet

According to the provisions of the Hessian Ordinance on Places of Assembly, it is the responsibility of Messe Frankfurt, as the operator of Kap Europa, to coordinate in case of emergency the response of all the trades involved. The Safety Data Sheet is designed to further this objective. This document lists the names and telephone numbers of all the persons to be contacted in case of emergency. We send it to you by email on the day of your event to ensure that you are fully informed  and will be able to find swiftly all the essential numbers to call should an emergency ever arise.


In Kap Europa, a large number of monitors are at your disposal for your individual visitor guidance system. The monitor band above the registration desk on Level 0, which is 18 metres wide, provides you many possibilities for the provision of information regarding the registration situation. Information on the use of the screens and the conditions are summarized in our handout for digital signage.
See also signposting.


See furniture and plans.

Security service

Based on the information at our disposal regarding your event, we prepare a risk analysis in advance.  Therefore, we will send you a query in advance. This will indicate whether security personnel is mandatory for your event. Generally, this is not the case, unless your event is a public event. We will be happy to provide you with qualified security personnel if you wish and if needed be draw up a security plan for your event. Just speak to us. In case of a public event, it is mandatory to make a bag check at the main entrance and book the appropriate security personnel via our service provider. For the applicable hourly rates, please consult our pricelist for supplementary services.

Service number Kap Europa

By calling the Kap Europa service number +49 (0) 69 75 75 -3360 during the setting-up, conduct or dismantling of your event, you can reach at any time a responsible, technical contact partner in house who will be able to help you with any requests or queries regarding matters like equipment, air-conditioning, Internet or logistics.

Setting up  

For instructions concerning setting up and dismantling, please see  our guidelines.
See also overnight set up.


See deliveries.

Shopping Centre Skyline Plaza  

The Skyline Plaza shopping centre is in the immediate vicinity, right next to Kap Europa; See also parking.
The Center is open: Monday-Saturday from 07 am to 10 pm. Outside these times, access to the parking areas is ensured at all times via a night access. Night access is located immediately to the right of the entrance to the shopping center, from Kap Europa coming.

Shuttle bus

There is no place in or alongside the building to accommodate shuttle buses.
We will be happy to suggest a variety of alternative arrangements. Just let us know, if you plan to provide a shuttle service.


See signposting and branding.


To guide visitors on their way to Kap Europa and in the building itself, there are several possibilities.
Event-specific signs can be installed to guide visitors arriving by car from Skyline Plaza shopping centre to Kap Europa. These are placed in prominent locations on the ground floor of the shopping centre to help participants leaving the multi-storey car park find their way to Kap Europa.
Event-related signs from the stations of public transport can be booked as well.
These and further possibilities can be found in our branding catalogue.

Visitor guidance within Kap Europa is implemented using a digital guidance system with monitors. For this purpose, a large number of screens have been installed on every level that can be adapted to suit your event. For further information, please see the guide on the use and the appropriate conditions of screens.
The digital visitor guidance system can also be supported by analogue branding and advertising.
See also branding.

Signs to Kap Europa  

Whether arriving by car or on public transport, you will see Kap Europa clearly indicated on the signposts. If, for the guidance of visitors, you would like signs specially tailored to your event, please speak to us beforehand.
See also guidance.

Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains divide the events area in the event of fire into separate fire zones. The positions of these are indicated in the grid plans. No load may be placed directly beneath the smoke curtains, as these descend in the event of fire and need to reach all the way to the floor.


Smoking is allowed outside the building and - in case of renting - on the terrace of level. 4

Sound system

The utilisation of the basic sound system (insofar as one has been permanently installed in the conference room), including a microphone at the lectern, is free as long as all of the event equipment (including staff) has been ordered from Messe Frankfurt‘s service partner Gahrens+Battermann.
See also Gahrens+Battermann.


Stages in the small meeting rooms and Plateau hall:
In the rooms and Plateau hall, carpeted stage platforms (according to availability) are included in the rental fee. These measure 1 x 2 m and are 20 cm high.
Stage in Meridian and Horizont hall:
In the halls Meridian (unpartitioned) and Horizont, a stage measuring 8 x 4 x 0.6/0.8 m (W x D x H) is included in the rental fee. If Meridian hall is partitioned, a stage measuring 6 x 3 x 0.6/0.8 m (W x D x H) is included with each partitioned area.
You can see the stage elements in our furniture catalogue. Deviating sizes and/or heights of stages are charged separately. For the costs, please see our pricelist for supplementary services.

Standard furniture

See furniture.

Statical inspection

For all statically critical structures, a properly verified statical certificate and a verifiable statical calculation must be submitted. This must then be vetted by a structural engineer commissioned by Messe Frankfurt, for which a charge is made.
See also suspensions.

Storage room

For deliveries in advance of the event, a small storage room is available on Level 0. The storage room needs to be shared with other clients. Additional storage space for empty containers is not available.
See also deliveries and logistics.

Supplementary services

Additional services such as WiFi, rearrangements and personnel can be booked  prior to your event. After the event you will receive a final invoice for any supplementary services used. For the charges, please see our pricelist for supplementary services.


The installation of cross beams using the building's own suspension points can only be performed by Messe Frankfurt‘s service partner Gahrens+Battermann, even if equipment is provided external . They will be happy to advise you and define with you a common interface.
The permanently installed media bars can also be used by external AV companies free of charge. For all loads suspended overhead, a statical inspection is necessary. The statical inspection is invoiced separately.
See also Gahrens+Battermann GmbH and statical inspection.


See DGNB certification.


Frankfurt control centre: +49 (0) 69 23 00 01
other numbers: +49 (0) 69 23 00 33, +49 (0) 69 25 00 01, +49 (0) 69 73 73 03, +49 (0) 69 54 50 11.
Our porter will also be happy to call a taxi for you or your delegates.

Technical equipment  

For an overview of the technical facilities and equipment in the building, please consult our technical overview.

Technical guidelines  

For our current technical guidelines, please consult the technical  guidelines of Messe Frankfurt.


In Kap Europa, house phones are not preinstalled. You can book telephones against payment. The most widely used mobile phone operators have installed antennae in the building, so reception in Kap Europa is generally good.
See also WiFi.


If you have hired Level 4, you can use the terrace free of charge. If you wish, we will place there some of the high tables. Smoking is permitted on the terrace.


Levels 1, 2 and 4 each have two toilet facilities behind the events rooms and halls on the south side of the building. On Level 3, the toilets are located right next to the events rooms.
See also cleaning.

Touch panel

In all rooms and halls there are touch panels with which you can turn the lights on and off, dim them or control the blinds. The password to unlock the panels is currently 1111. A variety of lighting ambiences are pre-programmed and can be freely selected.


See interpreter.

Waste disposal 

Disposal of up to one cubic metre of waste is already included in the room rental user fee.  Additional quantities and hazardous waste will be charged separately. For the cost, please click our pricelist for supplementary services.


See toilets.


In Kap Europa, various options are open to you with regard to Internet access:

Kap Europa Standard WiFi :
Within this WiFi,  a total bandwidth of 10 MBit/s is guaranteed, which is shared by all users. It is not necessary to log in, but the pages are subject to a content filter over which we have no influence. The use is free of charge.

Kap Europa Premium WiFi  :
Our Premium WiFi guarantees a bandwidth of 5 MBit/s for each user. For this, it is necessary to log in. You can either define a username and password and allow free access (at your own liability) or assign login data to your guests individually. You receive this from us in the form of a comprehensive list.
For the cost of Premium WiFi, please see the pricelist for supplementary services.
For wired Internet access, see also internet.

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