Kap Europa H-Q

As an organizer you will find here all important information about the event processing at Kap Europa


Handover of the building

See damages.

Hardwear store

For general purposes: toom BauMarkt, Mainzer Landstraße 681, Tel. +49 (0) 69 93 99 98-10 (open Mon.-Thur. and Sat. from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fri. from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.)

High tables  

see furniture.

High voltage connections  

16 A CEE, 32 A CEE and 63 A CEE power outlets are available within the building. High voltage connections are in principle charged separately. For the cost, please consult our price list for supplementary services.
See also electrical power.


We will be happy to provide staff to accompany your event. The men and women in question have excellent manners, know the location inside out and are well versed in foreign languages. Let us know your demands and requirements. We will coordinate the team for you.  For the cost, please see our pricelist for supplementary services.

Hotel Guide

Messe Frankfurt's Hotel Guide offers a wide selection of hotels in Frankfurt and the surrounding area: The website selects according to different price categories as well as distances from the fairground and offers at the same time helpful information on local public transport as well as the possibility of a direct booking link.
This publication is available for download from the app stores of Apple, Google and Amazon.
The Frankfurt Convention Bureau provides assistance when booking hotel room allocation. See also hotels and Frankfurt Convention Bureau.


The hotel industry in Frankfurt and the surrounding area offers overnight accommodation in every price category with over 44,000 hotel beds. Within walking distance of Messe Frankfurt there are over 9,000 hotel rooms.
Reserve your hotel room allocation using the service provided by Frankfurt Convention Bureau:
Frankfurt Convention Bureau; phone:. +49 69 21 23 87 03, email:;,  mailto:
Hotels within easy walking distance of Kap Europa include the following:

Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Messe
Grandhotel Hessischer Hof
Frankfurt Marriott Hotel
Frankfurt Mövenpick Hotel
Maritim Hotel Frankfurt
Capri by Fraser Frankfurt
Hampton by Hilton Frankfurt City Centre Messe
Premier Inn Frankfurt Messe
See also Frankfurt Convention Bureau and Hotel Guide.

House rules  

Messe Frankfurt's house rules apply equally to Kap Europa. These are displayed in the porch of the main entrance (near the porter's office) in English and German.

Included services  

You will find a list of inclusive services in our pricelist and the attachment of your calculation of the user fee.

Initial seating  

See furniture.


Event organizers are obliged to take out liability insurance, such as with Allianz Generalvertretung Beetz und Sohn, Tel. +49 (0) 69 65 50 49.


In addition to the WiFi, you can order a wired internet connection. For prices, please consult the price list for supplementary services.
See also WiFi.


For simultaneous translation or liaison interpreting, contact BBK, Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH, Marktstraße 4, 76726 Germersheim, Tel. +49 (0) 72 74 70 27 70,,
You can obtain the requisite equipment through our service partner Gahrens + Battermann.
See also Gahrens+Battermann GmbH.


If you wish, you can borrow keys from the porter to the rooms on the levels you have booked. These must be signed for. Only one key is issued per customer per room.


See insurance.

Lifting platform

You are welcome to bring your own lifting platforms for setting up. They must be suitable, however, for use on carpets and parquet floors. We ourselves have no lifting devices of any description for hire. If needed, however, lifting platforms can be obtained from our technical partner Gahrens + Battermann. Please take into account the applicable load-bearing capacities.
See also Gahrens + Battermann GmbH.

Lighting control  

See lighting equipment and touch panel.

Lighting equipment  

Standard, in places dimmable, lighting is installed in Kap Europa. If you have any questions regarding the details, we will be happy to answer them. Additional lighting equipment can be obtained through the colleagues Gahrens + Battermann. They will be happy to advise you.
See also Gahrens+Battermann GmbH and touch panel.


See logistics.

Loading bay  

See logistics.


For you as an organizer lockers are available in the cloakroom area. This is available for a fee of 2,00 Euro. The use of lockers is intended for the times when the cloakroom is not occupied. For participants, the lockers are not accessible. Participants use the cloakroom.


Three bays are available at the rear of Kap Europa for loading and unloading. Each of these is large enough to accommodate one heavy goods vehicle up to 7.5 t.
Only limited use may be made of trailers. No parking bays are available. Vehicles are usually able to stop in front of the loading gates for as long as it takes to load or unload them. If any ramps or forklift trucks are required for the purpose, you must bring these with you.
See also forklift trucks.
Permanent parking within the loading zone at Kap Europa is not permitted.  Due to availability, we offer the possibility to hire a logistics area directly opposite Kap Europa. There you can leave and park your vehicles permanently after unloading, during set up as well as on event days. For more details please see our factsheet.

Lost property office  

Please inform the Kap Europa team of any objects that have been left behind. A week after the end of the event, any objects still unclaimed will be moved to Messe Frankfurt's Lost Property Office. email:

Ebene 3 Lounge

Lounge furniture  

For lounge furniture to rent for your event level see furniture for hire.

In level 3 you can use - when renting this level - two furnished lounge corners. These have a fixed position and cannot be moved. At level 0, seating are always usable free of charge. This furniture is allocated to fixed positions as well.  

Marketing your event  

See advertising.

Medical emergencies  

See emergency call.

Medical service  

See first aid and doctors.


See screens.

Networking equipment  

CAT and fibre-optic leads (mono and multimode) are to be found in all rooms. For the cost of using them, please see our price list for supplementary services.

Night life  

See going out.

Offices for organizers  

On the ground floor in Kap Europa, two equipped offices are available near the registration counter. When the entire building is hired, these are included. Otherwise, if interested, you are welcome to book these separately. For the prices, please consult Kap Europa price list.

Operation and Security centre  

Messe Frankfurt has its own Operation & Security Centre (OSC). In the OSC, the coordination of all functions and services related to safety and security as well as the technical operating control system are brought together under one roof:
the Messe Frankfurt control room, the police station, the fire station and the first-aid station as well as the safety and security service.
Messe Frankfurt's Operation & Security Centre (OSC) is manned all year round, 24 hours a day; for all emergencies dial +49 (0) 69 75 75 -3333.

Overnight set up  

If you plan to build up overnight, please inform us in advance, so that we can plan appropriate personnel on our part. Night constructions are possible within the rented utilization period only.


See announcement.

Parallel events

Unless you have reserved Kap Europa for your exclusive use, it is possible that there will be other events taking place in the building. We will inform you in this case as soon as we have the requisite information. When events are scheduled in parallel, certain areas of the building may have to be shared and therefore remain neutral. Use of the registration counter, cloakroom and branding will then have to be coordinated separately. This coordination is our responsibility.


See deliveries.


Parking for delegates:
Kap Europa's parking spaces are integrated into the car park of the Skyline Plaza shopping centre next door. Around 2,400 parking spaces are available, 24 hours a day. The vertical clearance of the passage is 2 metres.
Access to the parking areas is possible even apart from the opening times of the shopping centre by a night access. Night access is located immediately to the right of the entrance to the shopping center, from Kap Europa coming. Further information are available on the website of Skyline Plaza.
See also car park.

Parking for organizer:
We will be happy to provide you with exit tickets for the car park in Skyline Plaza (units of 10 tickets) for the reduced daily price of 20.00 Euro excl. VAT. These will be billed in your final invoice subsequent to the event.

Parking for cargo vans/lorries/trailers:
You have the possibility to hire a logistics area directly opposite Kap Europa. There you can leave and park your vehicles permanently after unloading, during set up as well as on event days. For more details please see our factsheet.
See also logistics.

Performer's dressing room  

On the south side of Level 3, there are two rooms with a bath and shower that are ideal for use as performers' dressing rooms or VIP retreats. When the entire building is hired, these are included. Otherwise, if interested, you are welcome to book these separately. For the prices, please consult our Kap Europa price list.

Performing rights  



The nearest pharmacies:
- Shopping Center Skyline Plaza: "Brooks'sche Apotheke", Tel.+49 (0) 69 25 75 82 23 30, Open Mon.-Wed. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Thur.-Sat.10 a.m. to 9 p.m.,
- Main railway station: "Apotheke im Hauptbahnhof" B-level North, Tel.+49 (0) 69 23 30 47, Open Mon. – Fri. 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sun. 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


We will be happy to send you floor plans for each level, grid plans and seating plans. If desired, we also offer an event-specific layout planning service, for which a charge is made. For the cost, please consult our pricelist for supplementary services.


At present, there is no florist in the immediate vicinity of Kap Europa. At the main station, ten minutes away on foot, you will find Blumen Hanisch
If you wish to order flowers in advance of your event, see decoration.


To call the police in case of emergency, dial 110.
See also emergency calls.


At Kap Europa, there is always a porter on duty, 24 hours a day, on Level 0.

Poser tables

See furniture.

Post office  

You will find post offices at Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 2-8 and opposite Platform 23 in the main railway station. The central number for the post office is +49 (0) 180 23 333. You cannot change money in a post office.
Opening times of the post office in Frankfurt's main railway station.
Mon. to Fri. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sa 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Power connections

The use of all electrical columns and floor sockets (230 V, in each case) in the foyers and halls/rooms as well as the electricity consumption itself are included in the user fee. Sub distribution and cabling due to special demand (e.g. booths, conference tables) are charged at cost. High-voltage power outlets are charged separately.
Please see our pricelist for supplementary services in order to get the costs.
See also high voltage connections.

Price list  

For the cost of the  user fee, please refer to our price list. In addition to the room rental user fee, further supplementary services can be booked. Please see our pricelist for supplementary services.
See also supplementary services.


Printers can be obtained from our service partner Gahrens + Battermann.
See also Gahrens + Battermann GmbH.


Projectors are preinstalled in all conference rooms and Plateau hall. These can be used free of charge even if equipment is operated by an external company. Projectors for Meridian hall and Horizont hall must be hired and installed separately. Projection surfaces are available in all rooms and halls and can be used free of charge. We prepared an overview of the technical equipment.
See also Gahrens+Battermann.

Public transport  

See Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund.

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