Kap Europa A-G

As an organizer you will find here all important Information about the event processing at Kap Europa.   


A/V equipment  

See Gahrens+Battermann.

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH

Our exclusive house caterer, Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH offers a special catering concept tailored to Kap Europa. For this purpose, Accente creates dishes using fresh, seasonal and regional products, predominantly from organic production. The colleagues of the sales team will be happy to provide advice and assistance with the planning of the catering for your event. For a first impression, please see our catering packages.
You can reach Accente using the central phone number: Tel. +49 (0) 69 75 602-0 or by email:; Website:


Kap Europa's street address is:
Kap Europa
Osloer Straße 5
60327 Frankfurt am Main
Please note that this street address is not the same as the regular postal address, which is:
Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main
See also arrival and parking.


We are happy to support you with the advertising of your event. To assist us in this, please fill in and return the form for publication. We will be happy then to publicise your event in our online channels through our website, Facebook or Twitter.


To call an ambulance, dial 112.
See also first aid service and emergency calls.


In addition to a gong, it is possible to make events-related announcements. Announcements can be made at the porter's office.
See also gong.


Detailed directions and sketches are available on our website. You are welcome to pass it on to your delegates.

Art in the building  

The lighting installation "Crossover" by the Berlin artist Barbara Trautmann, which is 27 metres high, adorns the air space next to the escalators in Kap Europa.


See Frankfurt-information.


see Branding.  

Banner recycling

Were you aware? Old things can be made new. The banner that once advertised your event may have outlived its usefulness, but a Frankfurt workshop for the handicapped offers a means of recycling it. In it, they transform PVC banners into individual and unique customer gifts in the form of chic shoulder bags. If you are interested, we would be happy to put you in touch.

Barrier-free access  

Neither within the building nor in the Skyline Plaza car park is movement impeded by barriers. Along Osloer Straße, there are public parking places for the disabled.

Bicycle stands

The bicycle stands are alongside the building, on the right-hand side of the entrance to Kap Europa.


See technical equipment.

Boom lifts

See cherry picker.

Booth furnishing  

For booth furnishing you can use the standard furniture available in Kap Europa. In case you have further requirements, please let us know.

See also furniture for hire.


Kap Europa offers you a wide range of options for the presentation of your company and/or the positioning of your event.  For an overview of the possibilities, please see our branding catalogue and the information in the use of screens.
See also signposting.


See setting up and dismantling.

Bucket lift

See lifting platform.

Building up  

See setting up and dismantling.


For the maximum capacity of the individual rooms, please see our capacities of the individual rooms.

Car park

There are a number of public car parks within walking distance of Kap Europa. In the urban area signposted as "Parking Kap Europa" is the public car park of the adjacent shopping centre Skyline Plaza.
In addition, the following car parks are also in the immediate vicinity: Parkhaus Messeturm , Parkhaus Maritim.  

Cash dispenser  

There are cash dispensers in the Skyline Plaza shopping centre next door as well as at the City Entrance (Eingang City) to the fairground. Branches of the Commerzbank and Sparda Bank are within easy walking distance.


Please see pharmacy.

Cherry picker  

You are welcome to bring your own cherry picker (boom lifts) for setting up. These should be suitable for use on carpets or parquet floors. We ourselves have no such devices for hire. If needed, cherry pickers can be provided by our technical partner Gahrens + Battermann.
See also Gahrens + Battermann GmbH.


The cleaning of the building prior to the event and between event days, as well as the supervision of the toilets during the event, are all included in the rental fee. For the cleaning of special/booth areas, separate charges are incurred. For the cost, please consult our price list for supplementary services.


In the Foyer on Level 0, there is a permanent cloakroom. This is adjacent to the registration counter. For insurance reasons, the cloakroom must be attended by Messe Frankfurt staff. The occupation of the cloakroom during event times is already included in the user fee. In addition, mobile coat stands can be provided upon request.

Congress ticket

See Frankfurt Convention Bureau.

Contact partners in Kap Europa

A team comprising a representative of the project management and the technical project management department will be assigned by Messe Frankfurt to accompany your event. In the planning phase, you will also discuss the catering and technical requirements of your event with experts from Accente and Gahrens + Battermann respectively.
A few days before the start of your event, we will provide you with further information regarding onsite support for your event.
See also Service number Kap Europa.


See deliveries.


If any crew catering is taking place in one of the rooms or foyers, special carpeting will be laid in the area affected. This service is free of charge.
For ordering catering, please contact Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH directly.
See also Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH.


In the course of a tour of the rooms you have booked in the company of a representative of the facility engineering team, a note is made of any pre-existing damage in a handover log.  At the end of the tour, this is then signed by both parties. This formality over, you may begin building up for your event. When you have finished breaking down after the event, a similar procedure is conducted and a handback log created.
In this way, we seek to ensure that the building and the equipment in it are treated with respect and that any damage that does occur is imputed only to those who actually caused it.


It is possible to darken individual rooms and foyer areas of Kap Europa. For an overview of the areas in question, see our technical facilities.


If you need decoration of any kind (flowers, lights, decorative objects etc.), please let us know. We work with various partners and will be happy to obtain an offer for you.


After consulting with the Kap Europa team, you, and if necessary your exhibitors, can have small packages sent to Kap Europa, at the earliest, 2 days in advance of your event. The packages must be addressed in accordance with the following template:
Person in charge from your side
Event name and date
c/o Kap Europa
Osloer Straße 5
60327 Frankfurt am Main

All packages will be kept in a central customer storeroom on Level 0. As soon as you arrive at the building, you may collect your packages. To do this, report to the porter at the main entrance. Packages are not distributed automatically.
If, after dismantling, you wish to store packages in Kap Europa for up to 2 days (maximum) for subsequent collection, please label and address them carefully, take them to the customer storeroom on Level 0 and charge a courier service with their collection. If packages are not collected within the agreed period of time, they will be disposed of, for which a charge will be made.
To exclude us from liability in the event of damage, we will send you in advance a disclaimer notice for you to read and sign.

DGNB certification  

See here.


See arrival.


For instructions concerning setting up and dismantling, please see our guidelines.


If your event requires the presence of a doctor, you can book one through us. For the cost, please see our price list for supplementary services.
See also first aid service.


Please see pharmacy.

Duration of use

The duration of use commences at 07:00 a.m. on the first day booked and ends at 10:00 p.m. on the last day booked. Any usage before or after these times will be invoiced on an hourly basis.

Electric car

To the south of Hall 1 (in the immediate vicinity of Kap Europa), there is a fast-charging point for electric vehicles.

Elektrical power  

Did you know that Kap Europa is powered entirely by green energy?
See also power connections.

Emergency call  

For the fire brigade and/or ambulance, dial 112.
For the police in case of emergency, dial 110.
Emergency doctor (24-hour service): +49 (0) 69 192 92
Private patients (24-hour service): +49 (0) 1805‑30 45 5
See also Operation and Security Centre.

Emergency doctor  

See first aid or doctors.

Emergency gangways

See escape routes.

Escape routes  

All escape routes are displayed on a grey background in our grid maps. These must be kept free. Please note that in our dwg plans, there are four layers with escape route variations. These are to be regarded as alternatives. All event plans must be approved in advance by Kap Europa's technical project management team. We will be happy to supply you with appropriate grid plans to assist with your preparation.
See also plans.

Event office  

See offices for organizers.

First aid  

Kap Europa is covered by Messe Frankfurt's Operation & Security Centre (OSC) to guarantee smooth coordination with the police, ambulance and fire services in case of emergency. If a first aid service is required, it should be booked through us. Whether or not this is necessary is determined by a risk assessment analysis conducted by us priot to the event. As a rule, such a booking is not necessary. If you do wish to book a first aid service, however, the minimum service comprises an ambulance, a paramedic and an assistant. An emergency doctor and additional first aid attendants can be added to the booking. You are not permitted to bring your own first aid attendants. For the cost, please see our price list for supplementary services.
See also Operation and Security Centre.

First aid room

If first aid attendants are being deployed at your event, the first aid room on the ground floor is at their disposal.


Five flagpoles are at your disposal at Kap Europa. In case of parallel events these may have to be shared with other customers. For the cost and dimensions, please consult our branding catalogue.
See also branding.

Floor loading capacity  

See technical equipment.

Floor plan

See plans.

Floor sockets

See power connections.


See decoration.

Forklift truck  

If you require forklift trucks for building up, you must bring them yourself.  

Frankfurt Convention Bureau  

The Frankfurt Convention Bureau of the city's Tourismus+Congress GmbH can help you book a hotel room contingency, put together an entertainment programme, provide guides and much more concerning the city of Frankfurt. Via Frankfurt Convention Bureau congress tickets for public transport can be booked as well.
Frankfurt Convention Bureau; Tel. +49 69 21 23 87 03; E-Mail;

Frankfurt information  

Information regarding the City of Frankfurt is available on the website of Frankfurt Tourist+Congress GmbH, Also, the Frankfurt Convention Bureau  can help you put together an entertainment programme, provide guides and much more concerning the city of Frankfurt.
Frankfurt Convention Bureau; Tel. +49 69 21 23 87 03; email: ;
See also restaurants and hotel guide and going out.


The rooms and halls on your event levels will be set up according to your wishes, regardless of whether it be theatre, banquet or classroom  For the standard equipment, please consult our furniture catalogue. The initial seating is icluded in the user fee. It is possible to rearrange the furniture at any time, though a charge is made. See also rearrangement.
The foyer areas of levels 1, 2 and 4 are equipped as standard with 40 high tables. Addtionally, preinstalled standing bridges are available in the west foyer areas and leather benches with small wooden tables.

Furniture for hire  

We would be happy to enquire on your behalf for furniture, which is not part of our standard provision. This includes such items as bar stools, bridge tables, stage and lounge furniture. Please let us know your requirements.


Gahrens + Battermann GmbH is our in-house service partner for technical equipment in Kap Europa. Modular compiled packages for A/V equipment provide you a first impression of some possibilities.
Your contact partner: Marco Baumgartner, phone: + 49 69 7575 3361; e-mail:


If music is to be played at your event, please remember to notify GEMA (the German Association for the Protection of Rights Associated with Musical Performances).
Head Office Berlin; P.O. box 30 12 40, 10722 Berlin; email:

Getting there

See arrival and Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund.

Going out  

You will find a number of suggestions as to where to go when your event closes for the evening by following this link.
More information about the many attractions of Frankfurt can always be found on the website of Frankfurt Tourist+Congress.
See also Restaurants.


If you would like to have a gong sounded, please inform the porter on Level 0. The gong tone can be routed to specific floors only or sound throughout the building.

Goods lift  

The goods lift can be operated independently without a lift attendant. If you wish to use it, you can collect a key (for which you must sign) from the porter.
Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 m (L x W x H), the door is 2.4 m wide.
On Level 3, loads can solely be transported using the equipment lift located in the front (Northern side) of the building. It is much smaller than the goods lift. Suitable protection for the lift has got to be assured.

Ground plans  

See plans.

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