Commitment to Culture and Sport

Messe Frankfurt’s cultural involvement is a reflection of our industry sectors and events. With multifaceted projects, we put our weight behind cultural institutions and events focusing on sports and the arts.

We have been closely associated with the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt for years. In addition, Messe Frankfurt is a main sponsor of Germany's most participatory race, the Frankfurt Marathon, which ends each year on the trade fair grounds. Or, to be more precise, on the red carpet in our Festhalle.


Schirn Kunsthalle

The Schirn Kunsthalle art gallery focuses on subjects, discussions and trends relating to art history and cultural history from a contemporary perspective. With its wide variety of international exhibitions, the art gallery endeavours to open up new points of view, breaking open traditional patterns of reception and encouraging as many people as possible to take an active interest in art.

Frankfurt Marathon

Frankfurt Marathon

With the varied route through the centre of Frankfurt and half a million spectators cheering them every step of the way, the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is a high point in any runner’s calendar. The spectacular final stage of the 26-mile race takes place in Messe Frankfurt’s Festhalle. The hall, set off magnificently against Frankfurt’s modern skyline, is a suitably characterful location for this annual event.