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Woven bicycle spokes?

What does a textile fair have to do with bicycles? At first glance, probably not very much. If you bring the right people together at the right place and the right time, however, things can quickly look very different.

Amazing textiles

bicycle spokes

Bicycle spokes are usually made of stainless steel, aluminium or titanium. A company in Chemnitz, however, weaves polyester fibres to create ultralight spokes that not only weigh less than a sugar cube, but which also leave all other materials in the dust thanks to their outstanding resiliency. It is an innovation that not only helps professional bike racers, but can also literally ‘lighten our load’ in everyday life.

Find out more here: Techtextil blog

Messe Frankfurt showcased innovations like this one from the technical textile industry at this year's Techtextil and Texprocess fairs from 21 to 24 June in Frankfurt am Main.

By the way:
You can also reach the exhibition grounds easily by bicycle.

As a bicycle-friendly company, Messe Frankfurt works to ensure that our visitors and colleagues are all able to access the exhibition grounds by bike. This includes setting up 240 parking spaces for bicycles throughout the exhibition grounds, as well as providing places where employees can shower and making a repair kit available in a central location to all employees. A fleet of 135 company bicycles offers the ideal means of transportation on our extensive exhibition grounds. There is also a bicycle pool available for the use of our customers. These policies have been well received: In 2017, Messe Frankfurt won the Bike + Business Award, which has been presented annually since 2009 by the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Regional Authority, the German Bicycling Club (ADFC) Hesse and the Zweckverband Raum Kassel municipal planning agency to companies and municipalities that promote the use of bicycles by their employees for commuting.