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26. – 29.1.2018, Frankfurt am Main

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11.01.2017 Floradecora Farmhouse with valuable expert lectures and workshops

Gardner’s Question Time: daily dialogue with retailers and producers

Green Sofa and Flowers & Decoration Workshop with inspiring best-practice examples

From Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mothers’ Day to weddings and garden parties, the year is filled with times that call for decorations. And the must-have decorations include fresh flowers and ornamental plants, as well as simple sprays and impressive floral arrangements. Now, these products are available from this year parallel to Christmasworld – International Trade Fair for Seasonal and Festive Decorations (27 to 31 January 2017) at the new Floradecora trade fair. This order fair for fresh flowers and ornamental plants in Frankfurt am Main from 27 to 30 January 2017 covers current demand for convenience and fresh products in the trade, e.g., food stores, discounters, garden centres, DIY markets, gift boutiques, furniture stores, hotels and restaurants. Aimed at flowers and plants available for immediate delivery, the innovative trade-fair concept is being launched with completely new presentation setting and its own workshop and lecture programme in Hall 11.1. Daily in the Farmhouse, experts will explain how fresh products best reach the customer. “Top speakers will sow the knowledge needed to handle fresh products properly and open up perspectives for new sales opportunities”, says Eva Olbrich, Director of Christmasworld and Floradecora, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

Farmhouse provides insights into working with fresh flowers and plants

Inspiration for assortment compilation and shop decoration, new sales opportunities and valuable information about selling fresh flowers and plants – the Farmhouse in Hall 11.1, stand D50, is the focal point for everyone wanting to learn about or add to their knowledge of this field. What are the best ways to handle fresh goods and generate additional turnover? Which prerequisites should a business meet? What is particularly important when it comes to ordering and logistics? And which products fit in best with the existing assortment? These and many other questions will be answered and permit easy access to a lucrative additional business.

Trade and production enter into a dialogue twice a day at ‘Gardener’s Question Time’. Together with Renate Veth (journalist, ‘TASPO GartenMarkt’ and ‘gestalten & verkaufen’ magazines, Haymarket Media), experts Alexander Kleerebezem, (floral specialist with food retail background) and Stefan Kretschmer (‘Klartext – Einfach gut vermarkten’ marketing consultancy) will tackle topical issues and introduce special guests. The following subjects are on the agenda:

  • From PoS (Point of Sale) to PoP (Point of Purchase): living goods – 10 cardinal errors and how to avoid them. What flowers really need to achieve value added with them
  • Quality management and assurance, guest: Silke Peters, 2nd Floor, coordinator, MPS certifications
  • Assortment concepts for the retail trade, guest: Stefan Gatz, Garden Product Group Manager, Globus Fachmärkte, and gardener
  • … the same old thing – staff training and quantity control
  • Product carriers and shop fitting – things to watch for
  • Quality concepts for flowers and plants in the retail trade – shopper marketing with feedback to the producers, guest: Sonja Dümmen, Dümmen Orange
  • Marketing concepts aimed at consumers
  • Flowers are valuable – modern brand management in the retail trade, guest: Rudolf Sterkel, Heidezüchtung Kramer

The ‘Green Sofa’ presents interesting best-practice examples from different segments, e.g., hotels, food retailers / supermarkets, garden centres, florists, with Renate Veth (Haymarket) in the chair: ‘Success with flowers and plants’ is illustrated by the following examples:

  • With Lucas Vos, CEO FloraHolland
  • With Jane Ngige, Kenia Flower Council
  • With Kees de Haan, de Haan Ladenbau
  • With Andreas Müssig, freelance master florist who has been working with hotels and restaurants for many years,
  • With Konrad Kreuzberg, Edeka Markt, Koblenz,
  • With Detlef Klatt, designer / stylist / master florist / designers,
  • ‘Flowers and the home in individual concepts’ with Martin Benzing, Merz & Benzing, Stuttgart
  • ‘Success with flowers and decorations together’ with Martina Mensing-Meckelburg, Gartencenter Meckelburg, Chair of the Association of German Garden Centres (Verband Deutscher Gartencenter) – and with Lucas Vos, CEO FloraHolland and Kees de Haan, de Haan Ladenbau

At 15.00 hrs on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the fair, it is curtain up on the Flower and Decoration Workshops with Victoria Salomon – in cooperation with ‘gestalten & verkaufen’ magazine. The master florist offers inspiration for wonderful floral packaging and gift ideas, uncomplicated ‘ready-to-go’ concepts and innovative combination.

Valuable inspiration for everyday business will also be given by the following top expert contributions:

  • Emotional and lifestyle concept, Sylvia Weigner (BLOOMs Trends in der Floristik): Which concepts are most effective with which consumers? How can the retail trade appeal to these consumers with the right degree of emotionality? BLOOM’s marketing expert and horticultural engineer reports on how the retail trade can improve its positioning with custom-made nature concepts.

  • ‘Floral Living’, live demonstration with Klaus Wagener (BLOOMs Trends in der Floristik): The innovative use of fresh plants in keeping with a modern lifestyle creates an impressive sense of space. The creative director and managing partner of BLOOM’s presents practical solutions – from very big to very small – for a variety of situations and styles, e.g., vertical plant arrangements for walls (buzzwords: ‘green walls’ and ‘hanging gardens’), freestanding room dividers, harmonious still lifes and ‘pot gardening’. Klaus Wagener also shows how symbiotic collaborations between florists, indoor-plant specialists and interior decorators could appear. The florist as an interior decorator is an attractive perspective.
  • Bricks-and-mortar vs. online: variety is the spice of life – identify and grasp your opportunities! Björn Gensler, business coach: Grab your customers’ attention, on and off line – that is the maxim of the trainer and management consultant for the green business. Björn Gensler gives tips on how additional sales can be generated by a virtual subsidiary and how digital presentations meet the wishes and needs of potential customers.
  • Success begins with the team – a good team is not a given, Björn Gensler, business coach:
    There are simple rules for effective, focused and successful internal communication, which are frequently forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The management consultant makes us aware of them again and offers strategies for team building and communication.
  • Greater potential for success through supplementary product lines, Andreas Sudeck, managing director, Sudeck-Concept GmbH:
    Why is it worth having more knowledge and information about supplementary product lines? Simply because a systematic, intelligent product mix leads to more profit. Sudeck knows how to inspire customers with a well-rounded assortment.
  • Tradition versus innovation, awaken and meet demand – the right blend of art and commerce, Nadine Weckardt, master florist, and Rupert Fey, beyond-flora, communication consultant for the green market: Taking the example of a garden centre, the extremes of ‘artist’ and ‘bean counter’ are brought together in a light-hearted way to show how emotion and business management can work together effectively. The lecture is a source of practical tools and ideas – and communicated with lots of energy.
  • A new yearning for plants – upgrading generates more value added and greater differentiation, Franz Josef Isensee, CO CONCEPT marketing consulting: Classic florists’, retailer nurseries and specialist garden centres must react to the new convenience products in supermarkets and discounters’ if they want to keep attracting customers in the future. The great opportunity for the specialist trade lies in upgrading their products, which, in this case, means thinking in terms of customers’ living space and situations, and offering them individual solutions. This makes for greater differentiation, which can also increase profit margins.

‘Surprise, Surprise’ special show in the Galleria (Christmasworld)

Fresh flowers and plants perfectly combined with seasonal and festive decorations are to be seen at the ‘Surprise, Surprise’ special show by 2Dezign in the Galleria. Designers Rudi Tuinman and Pascal Koeleman have been creating special shows with gigantic dimensions and a gigantic impact at Christmasworld for the last six years. Their shows inspire visitors to make extravagant large-scale, shop-window and in-shop displays that, because they are so completely unexpected, attract customers as if by magic. The new special show in candy and bonbon colours shows how shopping can be turned into an enchanting experience – and not just at Christmas. After all, appealing to customers on an emotional plane is essential for greater success at the point of sale. All materials and products used are labelled with the name and stand number of the exhibitors, i.e., not only the decorative products of Christmasworld exhibitors in Halls 8.0, 9.0, 9.1. 9.2 and 11.0 but also the fresh flowers and ornamental plants that can be ordered directly from the producers at Floradecora in Hall 11.1. This special show is not only a perfect link between Christmasworld and the new Floradecora trade fair. The idea for Floradecora also emerged from this special show.


Note for journalists:

More detailed information and illustrative material in high-resolution data format can be found at: and


Floradecora: The freshest way in floral business

Première in 2017: from 27 to 30 January 2017 in Hall 11.1, the new 'Floradecora' offers buyers at Christmasworld fresh flowers, plants and flower arrangements for seasonal decoration as an additional line – at an ideal time at the beginning of the year, right at the heart of the strongest sales market for flowers in Europe. Part of the appeal of this innovative trade-fair concept is its unique stand design for exhibitors such as flower and plant growers and producers, wholesale florist suppliers, importers & exporters, sales cooperatives and associations, suppliers of ceramics and floristry requisites, logistics companies, assembly and packaging companies and auctioneers.


Christmasworld: Seasonal Decoration at its best

Christmasworld is the world’s most important order venue for the international decoration and festive articles sector. Held annually in Frankfurt, it presents the latest products and trends for all festivities of the year and provides innovative concept ideas for decorating large-scale and outdoor areas for the wholesale and retail trades, shopping centres, DIY markets and the green sector. The last event was attended by 953 exhibitors from 45 countries and over 39,000 visitors from 115 countries. Christmasworld is characterised by the complete spectrum of festive decorations while a wide-ranging complementary programme with Trend Show, special exhibitions, events and expert lectures is a valuable and informative source of supplementary inspiration for everyday business life in the sector.


Background information on Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade fair organisers, generating over €640* million in sales and employing 2,364* people. The Messe Frankfurt Group has a global network of 30 subsidiaries and 55 international sales partners, allowing it to serve its customers on location in 175 countries. Messe Frankfurt events take place at approx. 50 locations around the globe. In 2016, a total of 138* trade fairs were held under the Messe Frankfurt umbrella, of which more than half took place outside Germany.
Comprising an area of 592,127 square metres, Messe Frankfurt’s exhibition grounds are home to ten exhibition halls. The company also operates two congress centres. The historic Festhalle, one of the most popular venues in Germany, plays host to events of all kinds. Messe Frankfurt is publicly owned, with the City of Frankfurt holding 60 percent and the State of Hesse 40 percent.
Further information on the company can be found at

*Preliminary figures for 2016

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