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26 – 30.1.2018, Frankfurt am Main

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14.10.2016 Christmasworld Trends 17/18 celebrate the 'delightful moment'

Four style scenarios bring moments of cheer and happiness to festive decoration: joy, tradition, nature, modernity

New: Trend Show now in the Foyer of Hall 11.0

How are we to celebrate the valuable moments in our lives? What new themes, colours and designs are set to dominate the upcoming festive season? Deriving their ideas from currents in society and in interior design, the bora.herke.palmisano trend bureau will be providing the retail trade with some helpful suggestions for putting together their own ranges of products and for ways of appealing to customers: on the one hand in the new Trend Book and, on the other, in a unique series of staged scenarios at Christmasworld from 27 to 31 January 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. “The 2017 Trend Show, very much the centrepiece of the trade fair and a source of ideas and stimulus for the international festive decorations sector, is moving to the Foyer in Hall 11.0 and will thus be immediately adjacent to the product group relating directly to Christmas and Advent,” says Eva Olbrich, Director of Christmasworld at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. “The trends for 2017/18 are, however, intended to provide help and inspiration for the retail trade well beyond the time of the trade fair and, indeed, throughout the entire season.”

The overall thread running through the new trends, identified as 'Delightful Moment', is the perfect antidote to the 'always on' society, in which clocks continue to tick ever faster and the stresses both of everyday life and of the world of work continue to increase – just as, indeed, do the disturbing reports in daily news bulletins. In this atmosphere, happy and untroubled moments serve as a valuable time of recuperation for the soul. The Christmasworld Trends for 2017/18 represent a call to take advantage of Christmas and other festivals during the year and create some agreeable time out for oneself. The four scenarios recreate happy and relaxed moments. They offer a soothing backdrop of peace and quiet, provide a glamorous framework for special moments and celebrate hand-crafted products, made with passion and enthusiasm. The four style scenarios, which, in each case, create that special moment, go by the names of “a fanciful celebration of joy”, “a valuable handling of tradition”, “a gentle touch of nature” and “a distinctive figure of modernity”.

A fanciful celebration of joy – where festivities meet fantasy

A fanciful celebration of joy

For joyful moments: cheerful, elegant, milky colours come face to face with a colourful mix of materials and patterns

Theme / Colours: untroubled days of childhood, colourful flea markets and odd souvenirs: in this world of fantasy, there is room for anything and everything that brings joy and makes people happy. The cheerful colour palette underlines the playful character of this eclectic collection of objects. It brings together elegant shades such as blackberry, lavender and silver with waldmeister green, honey, melon and marzipan. The slightly cloudy hue emphasises the nostalgic tone of this light-hearted homage to childhood.

Materials / Inspiration: the buoyant look opens everything up to a wild mix of products, materials and patterns, as well as to a series of comic-strip, Manga and fairy-tale motifs and funky figures. Surrealist prints take their place alongside lace, crochet work and embroidery. Iconic and stylised forms, coats of arms, emblems and traditional lucky symbols happily accompany traditional folk art. That certain extra festive note is provided by rhinestones, glass stones in suitable settings, brocades and silver-sprinkled surfaces.

A valuable handling with tradition – where tradition receives quality treatment

A valuable handling with tradition

For unmistakeable moments; natural shades and high-quality materials provide a framework for traditional craft techniques.

Theme / Colours: this timeless style is indigenous and authentic, subtle and rustic. Long-lived products that are manufactured with dedication and commitment are celebrated. Master craftsmanship plays a central role as do traditional origins. And a suitable context is created by restrained colourways with natural shades of brown, quartz, gravel, grey-blue, forest green, almond and biscuit.

Materials / Inspiration: what distinguishes the high-quality materials in particular is their naturalness. Cord, linen ribbons, buckskin and mostly unpolished, dark-stained wood are all used. Earthenware and ceramics are partially glazed, with shiny, rustic and raw-effect glazes. Brick and tile effects, with fine-pored, porous surfaces create a primitive, original look. Items created using traditional craft techniques, including hand-woven, knitted and knotted surface effects, fit in well here. The patterning harmoniously combines floral, rustic and traditional, home-grown motifs, feathers and bird motifs; these are used alongside mélanges, degradé effects, traditional checks and tweed.

A gentle touch of nature – where nature inspires and relaxes

A gentle touch of nature

For those relaxing moments: a style inspired by nature with muted colours, delicate materials and textures.

Theme / Colours: clouds that draw quietly onwards, gently moving water, a hint of breeze, soft sand. This style takes its cue from nature and creates a relaxing oasis of well-being, peace and quiet: delicate, ethereal and atmospheric. The sensual atmosphere is developed in a series of muted colours. Luminous coral and gold create the accents amongst the interplay of soft linen, slate, mint, rose and lime.

Materials / Inspiration: transparency, delicate structures, sensitive textures and contrasts are the distinctive features of materials here, including glass, porcelain, ceramics and gold-coloured metals. Designs are modelled on bubbles, raindrops, dew and mist, and also, indeed, on ice crystals, embedded fossils and interesting frost motifs. Delicate reliefs and surface images take their cue from the movement of water and wind. Fine, leaf-like structures, sandy coatings as well as matte, dry, grainy finishes create tactile experiences. This style acquires a hint of modernity through the use of geometric and mesh patterns.

A distinctive figure of modernity – where the modern finds unmistakeable expression

A distinctive figure of modernity

For stylish moments; powerful colours, geometric shapes and contrasts

Theme / Colours: aesthetic and sophisticated. This formal trend lends the everyday a special elegance and splendour. Its inspiration can be found in classic modernism: from sculpture to kinetic art, from industrial design to architecture. Memorable proportions, expressive, compact, sculptured and monolithic forms dominate. The rich colour palette ranges from strong colours like lapis lazuli, malachite, copper, Carrara marble, onyx and gold to a powerful ruby.

Materials / Inspiration: the striking visual impression created by this style is characterised by geometric patterns, clearly defined and emphasized edges, together with surfaces divided into colourful sections and rich in contrasts. Accents are created by large chain links, striking inlays and individual blooms or leaves with a sculptural quality. Moreover, to go with these, there are lacquered and polished surfaces in copper, bronze and brass as well as dark hardwoods, with flattering velvets, velours, animal pelt and leather.

Helpful guide to creating one's own retail selection

The Trend Show, with the colours and materials for the upcoming season, is a valuable source of inspiration for retailers in the field of decoration – as well as for operators of garden centres, building supplies and DIY stores, shopping centre managers and florists, together with wholesalers and importers working in the glass, porcelain and ceramics sectors. It offers specific, practical help with ordering, as all the materials used are identified with the name of the exhibitor and the stand number. So the staged scenarios for the four styles provide assistance and support in making a selection of products that fit in with current trends and in creating appealing displays.

Trend lectures and guided tours

The experts from the bora.herke.palmisano trend bureau will give daily lectures on the current trends at Christmasworld, each followed by a guided tour through the four style scenarios of the Trend Show, at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. every day from 27 to 30 January 2017 and at 12:00 noon on 31 January 2017. In the talks and tours they will explain the impact of the themed trends, how they were put together and the background to the trends themselves. Visitors will be able to obtain a free copy of the Trend Brochure with the latest colours, materials and shapes, at the information desk of the Trend Show in the North Foyer of Hall 11.0.

Statement by Annetta Palmisano, Designer with Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano

“Trends reflect a specific approach to life, temporary moods, sometimes also people's dreams and desires. They are an expression of individuality and personality. They satisfy our need for change and reflect our personal aesthetic sensibilities. They are momentary snapshots of a given period in time and are subject to constant change, as are our lives themselves. Fashions are sometimes brushed aside as trivial – yet, at the end of the day, they are a major feature of our lives. Styles, trends and fashions are also always a reflection of their time and, in retrospect, are clearly descriptive of it.”

Statement by Eva Olbrich, Director of Christmasworld, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

“There are always lots of people looking for lovingly made decorations to create an atmospheric time at Christmas and on other festive occasions throughout the year. The Christmasworld Trends will help you, as a retailer, to offer your customers appropriate stimulus for creating these special moments. In the four style scenarios, you will discover suitable products and unusual ideas to excite and appeal to your customers.”


Note for journalists:

You can obtain a copy of the Trend Book Collages for the individual style displays from the Christmasworld press team. There is a Trend Collage available for each of the four scenarios. These collages can be downloaded in high-resolution data format at:


Christmasworld and Floradecora: Seasonal Decoration at its best

Christmasworld is the world’s most important order venue for the international decoration and festive articles sector. Held annually in Frankfurt, it presents the latest products and trends for all festivities of the year and provides innovative concept ideas for decorating large-scale and outdoor areas for the wholesale and retail trades, shopping centres, DIY markets and the green sector. The last event was attended by 953 exhibitors from 45 countries and over 39,000 visitors from 115 countries. Christmasworld is characterised by the complete spectrum of festive decorations while a wide-ranging complementary programme with Trend Show, special exhibitions, events and expert lectures is a valuable and informative source of supplementary inspiration for everyday business life in the sector.

Première in 2017: from 27 to 30 January 2017 in Hall 11.1, the new 'Floradecora' offers buyers at Christmasworld fresh flowers, plants and flower arrangements for seasonal decoration as an additional line – at an ideal time at the beginning of the year, right at the heart of the strongest sales market for flowers in Europe. Part of the appeal of this innovative trade-fair concept is its unique stand design for exhibitors such as flower and plant growers and producers, wholesale florist suppliers, importers & exporters, sales cooperatives and associations, suppliers of ceramics and floristry requisites, logistics companies, assembly and packaging companies and auctioneers.


Background information on Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade fair organisers, generating around €648 million in sales and employing 2,244 people. The Messe Frankfurt Group has a global network of 30 subsidiaries and 55 international Sales Partners, allowing it to serve its customers on location in 175 countries. Messe Frankfurt events take place at approx. 50 locations around the globe. In 2015, Messe Frankfurt organised a total of 133 trade fairs, of which more than half took place outside Germany.
Comprising an area of 592,127 square metres, Messe Frankfurt’s exhibition grounds are home to ten exhibition halls. The company also operates two congress centres. The historic Festhalle, one of the most popular venues in Germany, plays host to events of all kinds .Messe Frankfurt is publicly owned, with the City of Frankfurt holding 60 percent and the State of Hesse 40 percent.
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